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The majority of business disputes that our firm handles are handled successfully before they get to the point of litigation. We believe that proactive skilled negotiation and tactics can often prevent the publicity and risk of trial.  However, some cases do need to see the inside of a Court room, here are some of the most recent: 

  • In re: United States of America Rugby Football Union, Ltd., Case No. 20-10738, United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware

Attorney Billion and Attorney MacDonald served as well as outside general counsel to the Debtor, USA Rugby Football Union, Ltd. in a successful Chapter 11 reorganization.  This was the first ever Sub-chapter 5 small business reorganization in Delaware.

  • 2020 New York Arbitration Claim – undisclosed parties

Attorney MacDonald represented the defendant who was facing a $40 million dollar claim.  The matter was settled for $200,000.00.

  • USA Sevens LLC; American International Media LLC; and United World Sports LLC vs. United States of America Rugby Football Union; World Rugby Limited; and World Rugby Tournaments Limited. Index. No. 651937/2019, Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County

Attorney MacDonald served as special counsel to USA Rugby (Defendants) to assist with litigation in New York State Court (lead counsel McGuireWoods).  Case was dismissed.

  • N.A. Rugby Union LLC, et al. vs. Rugby International Marketing, et al.  Case No.: 2018CV30533 District Court – Boulder, Colorado 

Attorney MacDonald was hired by Rugby International Marketing as counsel to assist with its defense of this state claim in Colorado in the above captioned suit (lead local counsel Hutchinson Black and Cook).  The suit made various high dollar claims against the defendants.  The case was dismissed and the matter set case precedent in Colorado.

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