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Sports & Entertainment

Professional Athletes

At Black Lion we have represented players in the sports world in their personal matters providing insight and special care as to the challenges that come with name recognition. Having provided legal advice and counsel to athletes through family, contract and criminal matters, we understand the complexities and necessity of discrete and careful handling. We do not publish the players we have represented, and we take their care and privacy seriously. Whether you require representation in your professional field or with a personal matter, we are here for you and willing to travel to your location.

Entertainment & Hospitality Professionals

Operating a sporting or entertainment organization or venue comes with challenges that are unique to the industry and require a skilled approach. Whether you are in need of assistance with contract negotiations, facilitating venue security and assessment or defense from government over-regulation and oversight, we are ready to assist you. We have represented both local entertainment venues as well as restaurants, clubs and national organizations charged with putting on large-scale events. We have a boots on the ground approach to our representation and strive to first learn your business and its intricacies before providing legal advice. Your business took time to develop and a one-size fits all approach is seldom the correct approach based on our experience.

National Governing Bodies of Sport

Being recognized as a governing body for sport in the United States comes with responsibilities that extend from SafeSport guidelines to coordination with world-wide regulatory bodies such as FIFA or World Rugby as well as fiscal duties and liabilities. The Ted Stevens Act and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) also set specific guidance and regulation for National Governing Bodies (NGB). NGBs do not operate in a vacuum from current political and social events. Sports in the United States are sometimes an outlet for speech as well as an escape from the daily grind of life. Finding the balance, and understanding the current social settings are key for organizations that are charged with leading their sport in the U.S. and who wish to remain relevant and dynamic in changing times.

One of our publicly recognized clients, USA Rugby Football Union, Ltd (USA Rugby) is a Delaware Non-Profit corporation charged with governing the sport of rugby throughout the United States of America. Black Lion serves as General Legal Counsel for USA Rugby out of Glendale, Colorado. USA Rugby is the home of the four US national teams: the men’s and women’s 15s rugby teams, and the women’s and men’s 7s rugby teams which will be compete in the Olympics. We are proud to represent the men and women of our nation and to provide legal advice and counsel to USA Rugby on a daily basis ranging from operations to contract negotiations, and dispute negotiation/litigation counsel when necessary. Attorney MacDonald provided the 2019-2020 legal advice and counsel for USA Rugby’s complete overhaul and reorganization.

We look forward to providing your organization with a free initial consultation.

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