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Legal Auditing & Risk Management

Helping Business Owners, Executives and In-House Counsel Make Sound Decisions with Comprehensive Legal Auditing and Risk Management Services

As a business owner, executive, or in-house lawyer, you need to make sound decisions on a day-to-day basis. You cannot take unnecessary and unreasonable risks, and you cannot afford to make uninformed decisions. Our legal auditing and risk management services are designed to ensure that companies have the information they need to protect their assets while still remaining cognizant of their bottom lines.

All companies need to know their risks. They need to know where their risks lie, how much liability exposure their risks entail, and how they can manage their risks effectively. Our legal audits are structured to uncover all potential risks, and our lawyers provide strategic advice to help our clients manage their risks on an ongoing basis.

Our Services

We provide legal auditing and risk management services for companies of all sizes and at all stages of growth. Whether you need help evaluating a proposed transaction or you need to re-examine and overhaul your company’s current practices, policies and procedures, we can tailor a solution to your company’s specific needs and budget. Some examples of the services we offer to our clients include:

  • Evaluation of Current Practices & Liabilities
  • Government Enforcement & Regulatory Investigations
  • Internal Investigations
  • Business Intelligence & Due Diligence
  • Compliance Assessments

Understanding a company’s risks starts with conducting a comprehensive legal audit. Without a clear and comprehensive picture of the company’s corporate structure, contractual relationships, product and service offerings, marketing initiatives, employment practices, and regulatory compliance efforts, it simply is not possible to make an accurate risk assessment.

Once we familiarize ourselves with your company’s management structure and operations, we will be able to provide custom-tailored risk management recommendations—both initially and continuing as your company’s outside legal counsel if desired. Many of our clients rely on our lawyers’ advice on a daily or weekly basis, and we offer a variety of outside counsel options that are suited to budgets of all sizes.

In addition to conducting general legal audits and providing general risk management advice, we provide auditing, investigative, and risk counseling services in connection with specific corporate initiatives and disputes as well. For example, if you are contemplating an acquisition, we can handle all aspects of due diligence—in addition to drafting, reviewing and negotiating all necessary agreements. Likewise, if you are dealing with a cybersecurity breach or an allegation of workplace harassment or discrimination, we can investigate promptly and help you decide how best to move forward.

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If you would like to learn more about our firm’s legal auditing and risk management services, please contact us to speak with one of our attorneys. We are happy to arrange a confidential consultation at your convenience.

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